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Poultry Feed

Pig Feed

Sheep & Cattle Feed


Other feeds


Horse Feed

  • Ridley Agriproducts
    • Barastoc Breed N Grow
    • Barastoc Calm Performer
    • Barastoc Cool Command
    • Barastoc Groom
    • Barastoc Workhorse Mix
    • Equi-Jewell
    • Steam Flaked Barley
  • Mitavite
    • Breeda
    • Economix Active
    • Gumnuts
    • Formula 3
    • Xtra Cool
  • Prydes
    • Bio Mare Cubes
    • Easi Result
    • Easi Ride
    • Old Timer
    • and a range of other Easifeeds
  • Omega Feeds
    • Maxicoat
    • No Grain Platinum
    • No Grain Gold
    • Pony Plus
    • Weight Gain
  • Equilibrium Australia
    • Equilibrium Mineral Mix (Yellow)
    • Equilibrium Cool Mix (Blue)


  • Other Horse Feeds
    • Copra Meal
    • Molasses
    • Happy Hooves, Weight Lifter Calm
    • Bran, Millmix, Pollard
    • Chaff – Lucerne, Oaten, Wheaten, Double Mix
    • Hay -  Lucerne, Oaten, Wheaten
    • Fibre Beet, Speedi Beet
    • Maxisoy - Low GI super fibre pellets for horses
    • Wood Shavings & Rice Hulls for bedding

Our major suppliers listed above do carry a range of products that we do not carry in stock. If you have looked at their website and have found a product that is of interest, give us a call and we will get into stock for you.

We also carry other products for the horse enthusiast; including feeders and troughs, drenches and supplements, horse rugs, horse shoes and nails and a small range of saddlery. Check out these products on our Animal/Pet Health and General Products pages.


Poultry Feed

  • Ridley Agriproducts
    • Darling Downs Layer Mix 5kg & 20kg
    • Golden Yolk Layer Pellets 5kg & 20kg
    • Poultry Grain Mix 20kg
    • Pullet Grower 5kg & 20kg
    • Pullet Starter 5kg & 20kg
    • Top Layer Mash 20kg
    • Turkey & Meat Bird Grower 20kg
    • Turkey & Meat Bird Starter 5kg & 20kg
  • Other Poultry Feeds and Products
    • Sorghum
    • Wheat
    • Shellgrit
    • Wood Shavings (for nest boxes)
    • Feeders and Drinkers
    • Wormers and insecticides
    • Chicken tractors (ideal for four to ten chooks)

For more information on products to control internal and external parasites in poultry check out the Animal and Pet Health page. For feeders, drinkers and nest boxes, check out the Rapidplas website on the General Products page.

Layer Pullets for sale. We do have a supplier who delivers layer pullets to us three times per year. If you are looking for Layer Pullets give us a call.


Pig Feeds

  • Ridley Agriproducts
    • Barastoc Pig Breeder Pellets
    • Barastoc Pig Finisher Pellets
    • Barastoc Pig Grower Pellets
    • Ultra Wean 250 Crumbles
  • Other Pig Feeds
    • Meat Meal
    • Soybean Meal


Sheep and Cattle Feed

  • Ridley Agriproducts
    • Baby Calf Pellets
    • Beef Finisher Pellets
    • Calf Rearer Pellets
    • Ewe Supplement Pellets
    • Feedlot Minerals Plus
    • Feedlot 80 Plus
    • Grow & Show Dry Feed Pellets
    • Sheep & Cattle Pellets
  • Other Sheep and Cattle Feeds


  • Barley (Steamed Flaked) 20kg
  • Barley (Whole) 20kg
  • Corn (Cracked) 10kg, 20kg
  • Corn (Whole) 20kg
  • Lupins (Cracked) 30kg
  • Oats 20kg
  • Sorghum 20kg
  • Sunflower (Black) 5kg, 25kg
  • Wheat 10kg, 20kg



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